Confused by Nutrition Advice? These 7 Tips Will Help You

Conflicting information leaves many people confused about what a “nutritious” diet really looks like. Here are seven basics to keep in mind the next time you shop for groceries or order a meal at your favorite restaurant: 1. Don’t confuse dieting with deprivation Just as overeating can spoil your weight loss efforts, so can starving yourself with a rice-cake-and-diet-coke diet. Deprivation will eventually slow down your metabolism and increase your risk of chronic disease. 0

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4 Worst Habits That Wreck Your Weight Loss Plan

When it comes to weight loss, we all crave easy answers. Believe it or not, sometimes the answers are easy. Acting on them is what’s difficult. Take the following four habits, for example. If they seem all too familiar to you, take steps to rid yourself of them. You’ll drop pounds and lower your risk of disease in the process. 0

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Tasty And Super Healthy: Coconut For Our Beauty Inside And Out

In hot and humid country like Thailand, coconut is everyone’s favourite – it’s refreshing and delicious. This tropical fruit is in abundance. You can find it anywhere, in restaurants or on the streets around Bangkok as well as all over Thailand. You would be happy to know that coconut has a lot of benefits to offer. As women, it is what we should definitely be thankful for. 0