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Insomnia: Your 3 Worst Ways and 3 Best Ways to Fall Asleep

Have trouble falling asleep? Wake up at 3 a.m. for no reason? Insomnia can rob you of energy the next day, fog your thinking and put you in harm’s way on the road. If you’re relying on common crutches for sleeplessness, they won’t help your cause. Here, our sleep experts share their favorite and least favorite remedies for insomnia:

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Why Do My Breasts Itch Inside?

Breast itching is not uncommon. Although it is not typically a sign of breast cancer, any breast symptom should be evaluated by a healthcare provider to be sure. Itching may develop following breast surgery or cancer treatment. But assuming you have not had previous breast problems, it may be a sign of dry skin or minor inflammation. Using a good moisturizer such as Lubriderm® can help. If the itching is truly “inside,” it might be helpful to stop caffeine. You can also try an herbal supplement called evening primrose oil, 1000 milligrams twice a day for three to four months, to try to “calm down” breast tissue. The one thing I would worry about is if the nipple itself looks abnormal — reddened, flaky or ulcerated.  A rare form of breast cancer, called Paget’s disease, can present in this way and may cause itching.


How to Lose Waist Fat

The waist can be one of the most difficult areas of the body to lose fat. Once fat is stored in the waist area, it takes discipline to take it off. Whether it got there because of pregnancy, a beer belly, couch potato, or from sitting in a cubicle, it is possible to take control and make your waist look fit again. This article will help you to get started to lose waist fat. Keywords to Lose Waist Fat how to lose waist fat lose waist fat lose waist


How to Build Lean Body Mass

Chiseled abs, shapely legs, toned arms – these can be yours when you increase your lean body mass and decrease your body fat percentage. Rev up your metabolism, improve your stamina and create the lean body you want by following these steps. Measure your body fat percentage (using a body-fat analyzer or body-fat scale) before making dietary or exercise changes; this way you’ll be able to track your progress.


How Long Does it Take to Get a 6 Pack?

“Six packs,” the colloquial term for a set of well defined abdominal muscles, seem to be coveted by many, but had by few. Many people diet and exercise like crazy, yet wonder why they don’t develop a toned core. Experts have outlined specific guidelines for diet and exercise that help the body increase lean muscle mass while avoiding storing extra fat. The length of time necessary to achieve a six pack is different depending on the individual. A person’s body fat percentage is the primary indicator of how much work needs to be done to make that magical six pack appear. Body Fat Percentage


How Many Calories Do You Burn a Day Without Exercise?

Everyday activities — even fidgeting at your desk or belly laughs during a funny movie — combine to burn calories to one degree or another. And obviously, an active day with your kids or spending the afternoon on yard work will definitely expend more energy than lounging on the sofa watching TV. If you are not motivated to exercise in 30-minute spurts performing heart-healthy workouts such as jogging or playing tennis, just know that even at rest, your body is burning calories. Your daily basal metabolic rate, which is measured in calories, is the energy required to keep your body functioning.

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Do You Want to Lose Weight? Learn to Relax

One way to fight excess weight may surprise you. Besides clocking in time with a tread mill, it turns out we also need to do the opposite: learn to relax. Experts say managing stress effectively doesn’t only help with weight loss, but it makes us healthier overall. According to Mladen Golubic, MD, PhD, Medical Director of Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Lifestyle Medicine, excess weight and high levels of stress contribute to lifestyle-related chronic disease — and the two are related.


4 Surprising Uses for Botox That Don’t Include Wrinkles

Most people think of botulinum toxin A, which is sold under the brand name Botox®, as a wrinkle fighter. However, this drug is much more than a wrinkle-reducer. Botulinum toxin A also has therapeutic uses, some of which might surprise you. Beyond Wrinkles — Why Botox Works for Jaw Pain and TMJ When injected into a muscle, Botox blocks nerves in the muscle, which temporarily weakens them. For patients with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, this reduces the hyperactivity of jaw and related muscles that are working too hard, and helps break the chronic pain cycle. Researchers also have found that Botox can effectively reduce muscular jaw pain in people who had not responded to other conservative treatments.


Confused by Nutrition Advice? These 7 Tips Will Help You

Conflicting information leaves many people confused about what a “nutritious” diet really looks like. Here are seven basics to keep in mind the next time you shop for groceries or order a meal at your favorite restaurant: 1. Don’t confuse dieting with deprivation Just as overeating can spoil your weight loss efforts, so can starving yourself with a rice-cake-and-diet-coke diet. Deprivation will eventually slow down your metabolism and increase your risk of chronic disease.

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4 Worst Habits That Wreck Your Weight Loss Plan

When it comes to weight loss, we all crave easy answers. Believe it or not, sometimes the answers are easy. Acting on them is what’s difficult. Take the following four habits, for example. If they seem all too familiar to you, take steps to rid yourself of them. You’ll drop pounds and lower your risk of disease in the process.